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The International Institute of Handwriting Studies

ABCdraw Interactive Handwriting Program

ABCdraw Transformational Handwriting Course (Interactive)
Now Available in both Mac and PC

As you may already know, each letter of the Vimala Alphabet offers you a solid sense of self-esteem. Now, with my new interactive program ABCdraw, you can practice writing each of these letters in a most unusual way---with stylus, tablet, and a revolutionary program as your guide. I have tiptoed into the world of interactive computer technology!

Acrobat Purchasing instructions for this product

Pen in hand, with the guidance of five friends skilled in computer science, I have designed a program in which you are able to interact personally with each aspect of the Letters of the Vimala Alphabet, and bring them alive! ABCdraw is unlike any you have ever seen. Along with colorful visuals of both upper- and lowercase letters, I both print and speak detailed instructions, showing you how to inscribe the letters, stroke by stroke, in order to embrace their inner meaning at the highest level.

This program is ideal for teachers, students, and people of all ages who want to bring out the best in themselves and have fun in the process!  The only system requirement is a Windows or Macintosh OS.

ABCdraw Logo

Character Building Through Simplified Handwriting Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life
Learn how to bring out the best in your students, your children, and yourself. These books show you how!

Find out how your handwriting can transform your life

Your handwriting mirrors your self-image.
By adopting self-affirming writing patterns
you eliminate thought habits that hold you back in life
and replace them with those that reveal:
who you really are
why you’re here
what your true life work is...
   and how to bring it alive in the world!

Yes, your handwriting CAN change your life!

Pick up your pen and join us!


Your handwriting can change your life...so can the way you eat!

You don’t have to BE a vegetarian in order to enjoy delicious meals that are meat-free. The focus of this cookbook is to make it easy to prepare sumptuous, nutritious meals in the shortest length of time. With my busy life and a large family to feed, my focus was “Quick, easy and yummy!” I realized I had reached my goal when I began to hear, “Second helpings please!”


Vegetarian Meals for People on-the-Go is filled with shortcuts, tips, suggestions, “how to’s,” AND 101 quick, easy, and stunningly delicious recipes—all nutritionally balanced–with 40 color photographs.

Buy one for yourself and keep a spare on hand for an on-the-spot gift item. Everyone loves to receive a cookbook–especially as gorgeous as this one, a hardcover published by one of Vimala’s former students, Louise Hay of Hay House, Inc.

$11.96...Gorgeous Hardcover Book...Order Now  Find out More