How To Join:

Step 1: Please send an email to vimala @ (no spaces) 

Step 2: Type PRAYER CIRCLE into the Subject Box

Step 3: Type this message into the body of the email:

"I would like to join the Alphabetical Prayer Circle."

To strengthen our intentions, each day we agree to invest a precious 10 seconds once  --or many times a day--

offering our Alphabetical Healing Prayer:

Social scientists have known for some time that our thoughts, words, and interactions are not isolated incidents
but radiate outward, affecting the consciousness of the Whole.
As we adopt soul-based writing habits
we simultaneously adopt soul-based thinking habits, and with consistency they become a source of global healing.
With several hundred of us offering our simple prayer and writing our initials daily, profound heart and healing energy is sent forth far and wide, blessing and healing.

Also...In the course of the day, each of us devotes a few minutes of quiet time to write, on unlined paper, one line of the initial of our first name (not nickname) in both upper- and lowercase. Just one line; that's it...more if you care to.
If your name begins with a ligature, go here to see how to form it.

If you're not sure how to form your letter, go here. Just one line--in turquoise ink if possible.  I suggest turquoise because it's the color of the Letter [M] , who represents Divine Grace— by whatever name you choose to call it.

The Alphabetical Prayer Circle is a group where members ask for prayers in emergency situations and we hold both them and their request in our prayers.  Once you join, I do not share your name or your E-mail address; I send all E-mails as BCCs.

When I let the Circle know of a miracle that has been sent in,
I do not include names without your permission.

With several hundred of us offering our simple prayer
and writing our initials daily, profound heart and healing energy is sent forth far and wide, blessing and healing.

It has no shape, you can't hold it in your hands,
it has no color, nor is it something you can see.
Because it gives birth from the heart, it is one of the most powerful energy attractors the universe.
It's called prayer...Our Alphabetical Prayer Circle
is an invitation for you to share yours...

With Gratitude & Deep bows,