​"By following Vimala's advice, I released many old negative patterns. As she says, when you change your handwriting, your whole life changes for the better."
 --Louise Hay, author, You Can Heal Your Life

Our Mission

A zealous pioneer in mind/hand research and author of the bestseller Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, Vimala Rodgers is an educator, handwriting expert, and Master Alphabetician, 

Who Is Vimala?

"Vimala Rodgers' classes have been the single most valuable and worthwhile investment I have ever made in my personal growth."  

-–Kate Clark, The Esalen Institute

Our Foundation

A Global Vision

Because "handwriting" is often confused with "graphology" or "penmanship," please understand that we do not teach these at IIHS. Our teacher's manual, Character-building Through Simplified Handwriting, consists of guidance in having beginning writers adopt handwriting strokes that tap into soul energy, inviting them to act and interact from an elevated consciousness toward others and toward themselves. With a reaffirming sense of self-esteem in place, they won't need therapy when they get older because they will be happy with who they are!

We approach the interpretation of handwriting patterns not only from established documented findings, but through our own empirical research. Students are guided in adopting their own handwriting changes in order to experience firsthand the process of self-transformation that occurs through altering writing patterns.

whose focus is the inherent spirituality of the letters of the alphabet and their effect upon the psyche. She has offered hundreds of presentations to such diverse groups as Boards of Education; the Philosophical Research Society; staff, faculty, & students at both Stanford University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; American Mensa; the National Health Federation; the Esalen Institute; psychiatrists at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, and spiritual groups of countless denominations.

Our mission is to spread soul-based handwriting globally, and by so doing increase the possibilities of world peace.

Our commitment is to provide guidelines, resources, and a creative environment in which to teach as well as study.

We cradle the vision of a world so harmonious that intolerant behavior would be shocking.

Peaceful thinking through soul-based writing
Healthy interactions through peaceful thinking
A Peaceful world through soul-based interaction.

Everyone feels some way about their handwriting. Vimala's focus is to guide you in adopting writing changes that draw out the positive, uplifting, and unexpressed gifts that live within you, and support

you in designing a life you love.

About Us

Our Approach

"There is no knowledge beyond the alphabet."

-- from the Sanskrit