ABCdraw has created an app that merges The Vimala Alphabet into an interactive learning program--a fun learning tool with tablet and stylus! Vimala guides you both verbally and with alphabetical examples on the computer screen, on how to form each letter, and encourages you to use a stylus to follow her suggestions as you write each letter on your tablet. The program is easily implemented by anyone who is learning to write, including those gifted with learning disabilities. As you implement ABCdraw in your classroom or at home, watch attitudes improve! 

*System Requirements
The course works on any web browser. If you are not seeing the webpages as shown below,make sure that your browser is updated. Or try another browser on your computer(e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, etc.) 

If you have a device with touchscreen capability (iPads, Windows Surface Pro, a smartphone), the course is all you need. If you have a Windows device that does not have touchscreen capability, or you would like to try an additional writing device, consider purchasing the ABCdraw tablet. This tablet connects to any PC, and the included pen and tablet write like traditional pen and paper.  It is the perfect companion to Transformational Handwriting. 

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